Ashley Contracts always takes a responsible approach to Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The Company acknowledges that its objectives, practices and policies must not only meet the needs of the present but do so without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In maintaining the Company?s probity, liquidity and reliability, with special regard to the current economic climate, it is concerned also to maintain specific policies and practices respecting the needs of the environment, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the safety, health and welfare of personnel. Among the concerns are the choice of company vehicles, avoidance of unnecessary consumption of power, energy and motor fuel, and a commitment to recycling wherever appropriate.


Ashley Contracts always takes a responsible approach to Health & Safety.

The company has been CHAS accredited for several years and will remain this way. We are also registered on Constructionline - so clients can access all our insurances and compliance information in one place.

Ashley Contracts is accredited to:

Constructionline CHAS

Site attending staff qualifications include:

  • DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) Cleared
  • PASMA Trained
  • CSCS Card Qualified

Ashley Contracts training policy is designed to realise the potential of all staff and develop the company's field expertise. We care for the individuals in our organisation and believe in the power for unleashing talent and creativity to create a better business environment for our current generation and for the generations to follow.

Project Managers, Operatives, Managers and Administrators are constantly undergoing training as part of our rolling programme of skills development.

Blind Cord Safety

The CEN official standard EN 13120

Complete elimination of the strangulation risk can only be achieved by keeping cords, chains, and tapes and similar out of the reach of children.

Use of additional safety devices may reduce the risk of strangulation but cannot be considered fool proof.

Motorisation eliminates the risk associated with looped and pull-cord operating mechanisms however, the risk relating to inner tapes and cords (for relevant products) remains.

Persons in charge of children are ultimately responsible for following the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Automation removes the requirement for having a free-hanging chain on the blind. Blinds can be controlled by wall switches or remote controls.


The crank handle creates a blind which is completely free of cords. The detachable handle option allows staff to maintain control of the operation of the blinds.

Chain Tidies and Cleats

Installing chain tidies keeps chains safely pinned against the wall and out of the way of children.

Cord Breakers

These are a small device installed into the chain which causes it to break when put under undue pressure.

Ashley Contracts are 'Make it Safe' accredited