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Tall, dark and slim

Case Study:


The Hall at this particular high school in Oxford, in common with many school halls, is used for assemblies, performances, examinations, and other events. However here the windows are unusually slender and tall, so standard free-hanging roller blinds would be loose and difficult to work.


A) Achieving total BLACKOUT when required.

B) Meeting a specific budget.

C) Having a simple yet effective control.


Ashley Contracts worked in conjunction with SHY UK, a leading manufacturer of Cassette blinds, to design and install a unit fitted within a precise frame, thus giving the complete light exclusion needed. The up/down roll of fabric was managed by a crank mechanism giving a smooth easy movement via a winding handle. An added bonus was that the handle, being detachable, could then remain in the hand of the person in charge of the Hall.

SHY’s unique ‘zip’ side channels prevents the fabric from coming out and
this is probably the most robust system of its kind for this particular market.

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