On The Right Track

Case Study:


At this hospital in Stevenage our brief was to fit out the wards with a easy to clean track system which would control infection spread and assist staff in keeping germs at bay.* The hospital also required vertical blinds in the waiting area to control light and glare as well as enhancing the recently completed décor.


A) Preventing the spread of Infection in the wards.
B) Assist staff in cleaning the track system and eliminating bacteria.
C) Having a simple yet effective control for light in the waiting areas
D) Working to a stringent time scale.


Ashley Contracts specified and installed the unique MOVATRACK​ cubicle track system has minimal grooves to assist infection contol. For cubicle privacy the hospital chose Disposable Curtains. These curtains are anti-microbial and designed to be disposed of and replaced every six months.
The vertical blinds in the waiting area met perfectly with the hospital’s expectations of heat, glare and light control. Simple to maintain, the blinds also provide easy control and facilitate cleaning due to their anti-microbial treatment.