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Blocking the Lasers

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Case Study:


A major challenge facing hospitals is protecting window areas in zones where the risk of Stray Laser Radiation is present. At a hospital in Hertfordshire Ashley Contracts worked with the Main Contractor, Carillion, to overcome this issue.


A) Preventing stray Laser Rays escaping through the vision panels in the

B) Enabling visibility through the door when needed. (I.e. When the
lasers are not in use.)

C) Complying with Safety of Laser Products Part 4: Laser Guards*


Ashley Contracts specified and installed the unique DEFIANT Laser Blinds and Vision Panel Flaps in this high risk area. Defiant Laser Blinds are designed to be used as a passive guard where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use. In this application the associated risks were significantly lowered as a result.

DEFIANT Vision Panel Flaps are considered useful in controlling infection spread as they can be taken down easily for cleaning. Both the Hospital and Carillion were delighted with the completed install.

* DEFIANT Laser Blind Fabric is certified to EN60824-4.

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